Juta Staes

Hello! I am a Machine Learning Engineer at ML6 specializing in computer vision. I have a Master in Computer Sciences at UGent. I did an Erasmus exchange to EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland in Autumn 2016. I am also a volunteer at Coderdojo where I teach children to program. I like participating in hackathons, gardening travelling and swimming.

My projects

  • Volunteer at Coderdojo, teaching children how to program since 2017
  • Volunteering at Free-Time animating children at camps (mostly adventurous ones), 2011-2017
  • Volunteer at Lauzhack, hackaton 2016
  • Volunteering at Mediaraven teaching children abouts robots and programming, since 2016
  • Hi-Potential, tutoring Java to other students as a volunteer, 2014-2016
  • Website for Chiro Atrejoe, 2014
  • Website for restaurant De Kastart with Thomas Ghysels, 2014
  • Volunteering at Fyxxi Lab teaching children about robots, 3D printing and stop motion movies, 2014

Informatics knowledge

Java, Scala, Python, Tensorflow, Google Cloud Platform, Arduino, C, C++, Android, SQL, CSS3, HTML5, Bash, Javascript, Haskell and Prolog


You can contact me at info@juta.be